aching feet and working bit~

Wow, I’ve been so busy lately. I got the job Boulevard IT here in Bintulu as a Sales Assistant/Advisor, not a bad job. Work time is from 10 to 10 with two hours break, one hour on the afternoon and the one at night. Been working there for 4 days now, but today is my off days. The staff there are all okay and hopefully I can get along with all of them and do good at my job even though my injured feet keeps me from working at 100 percent.

On the photography / digital art, not much is going on honestly because of my work time. I’m hoping to use some of my off days to get something going on so we’ll see. I wish I had someone (to be my model) to work with though, hehe. Anyways, that’s all for now, later!


Another hour, give or take…

It’s 3 minutes past 11PM and it’s raining. Laying down in my dark room here, I have no idea what I want to write about. Nothing exciting has happened in the last few days. Listening to Brandon Boyd sing one of the latest single of Incubus called “Promises, Promises” really brings about a melancholic mood. I still need to complete my job application form and send it in, I really hope I can get that job as a sales assistant at an IT store. Would love to get some money to buy a camera, hopefully a D7000 which is around 4k Ringgit Malaysia. That’s a lot of money, yeah.

Anyways, earlier today like around 1AM me and Os were up late and bored. So we decided to play around with the camera and my phone’s flash light. The result as you can see are below, haha.

Light Fun I

Light Fun II

Sunday’s Best

I’ve been wanting to start a journal for sometime now, and today seemed to be a good day to the do it. =)

Just got off with chilling with Os at the back of the house talking about inane things. Feels good just to hang out with someone here you know. Anyways, today there was nothing much going on. Woke up around 1 PM had a bite to eat and was just chilling until around 3. Then I had to clean up the brick pathways at the back of the house with a water jet spray things which was fun.

As the sun began it’s slow descent though, my uncle brought he and my cousins out to the waterfront to catch the sunset, which I was excited about. Though it was a bit cloudy that evening, I managed to get a good shot in. And here’s the finished result, after post-processing and all:

Golden Day

On the way back from the water front we hit the local Pizza Hat had dinner, haha. Not too bad, though I wasn’t really in the mood for pizza but what the heck eh. =) Here’s a shot of my drink there:

To Quench The Thirst